Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2024 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 Price Pakistan

PKR 12.0 Crore (*Ex-Factory Price)

  • Type: SUV
  • Engine: 3444 cc to 3445 cc
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Mileage: 10 Kilometer
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Seating Capacity: 7-Persons

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerful engine
  • 13 Airbags
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Dealership in Pakistan

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Higher Tax and Custom Duties
  • Too much fuel consumption
  • Expensive maintenance

Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2024 Price in Pakistan

The ex-factory price of the Toyota Land Cruiser ZX Gasoline 3.5L 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 12.0 Crore (PKR 120,000,000).

Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2024 Quick Look

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2024 has officially launched in Pakistan, offering a blend of refined design, advanced safety features, and enhanced performance. This latest model signifies a significant upgrade over its predecessor, boasting improvements in both exterior and interior elements.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the Land Cruiser 300 2024 exudes a bold and aggressive look. The front is dominated by a chrome grille with a black finish at the edges, complemented by dynamic auto LED headlamps with sequential turn signals. Additional features include fog lamps, daytime running lights (DRLs), parking sensors, and headlight washers.

The side profile features auto-retractable, heated rearview mirrors with integrated cameras and turn signals and extended wheel arches for a rugged appearance. The rear is designed with LED combination lamps, a high-mounted stop lamp, a rear wiper, a rear camera, and parking sensors. Roof racks and an automatic sunroof and moonroof with jam protection enhance the vehicle’s functionality and style.

Interior Design

toyota land crusier ZX 2024 interior look

Inside, the Land Cruiser 300 2024 offers a luxurious and technologically advanced environment. The cabin features leather trim with wooden accents. The driver’s seat is equipped with a three-way automatic adjustment, memory function, and power lumbar support.

The second-row seats have a 40/20/40 split, while the third-row seats offer a 50/50 split for flexibility. The steering wheel is a 3-spoke, leather-wrapped design with controls for media, lane assist, cruise control, traction control, and lane departure warning.

look from inside Toyota Land Cruiser 300

A 7-inch TFT multi-information display and speedometer are positioned behind the steering wheel. The front fascia includes a push start/stop button and a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive infotainment system that supports WiFi and Bluetooth. The system’s interface is user-friendly and provides seamless connectivity.

The vehicle also features climate control keys, a driving mode switch with five modes (Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Sport+), and the option to create a custom driving mode. Other interior highlights include a triptonic gear lever, electronic parking mode, auto hold, a broad centre armrest, and ample storage options. The illuminated entry system and smart entry for the rear seats add convenience and sophistication.

Safety Features

The Land Cruiser 300 2024 comes with a comprehensive suite of safety features. Standard safety includes seatbelts, an SRS airbag system, a security alarm, and an immobilizer. The warning system alerts drivers with seat belt reminders, key reminders, buzzers, and auto-cut light reminders.

Advanced safety and driving assist features include an anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake assist, vehicle stability control, downhill assist control, crawl control, and active traction control.

Modern safety technologies such as terrain assist, multi-terrain select, trailer sway control, rear cross-traffic alert, rear camera detection, clearance sonars, and lane change assist further enhance driver and passenger safety.

Engine Specifications

The Land Cruiser 300 2024 is powered by a robust 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3445cc. This engine generates a maximum output of 305 kW at 5200 rpm and a peak torque of 650 Nm between 2000-3600 rpm. The vehicle is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and responsive gear shifts.

Ride and Handling

The Land Cruiser 300 2024 offers an impressive driving experience with enhanced handling and responsiveness. The vehicle incorporates high-strength steel for increased stiffness and aluminium suspension parts, contributing to a smoother ride. It excels in off-road conditions with features like Crawl Control, which allows for controlled navigation on rough and steep terrain.


Maintaining the Land Cruiser 300 2024 can be expensive, with limited availability of auto parts, which may require sourcing through specific channels. To be honest, this Toyota SUV has the highest maintenance costs compared to its competitors.

Competitors of Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2024

In the Pakistani market, the Land Cruiser 300 2024 competes with luxury SUVs such as the Range Rover, Lexus 570, and Nissan Patrol. Each of these vehicles offers a unique combination of features, performance, and luxury, making the competition in this segment particularly strong.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2024 stands out with its combination of advanced technology, robust performance, and luxurious design, making it a top choice for those seeking a high-end SUV with off-road capabilities.

Recommendation for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2024

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2024 is an ideal choice for individuals and families who prioritize luxury, performance, and advanced safety features in their vehicles.

Here are the key profiles of potential buyers who would benefit most from this car:

Off-Road Enthusiasts

With its exceptional off-road capabilities, including features like Crawl Control and high-strength steel construction, the Land Cruiser 300 2024 is perfect for those who frequently drive on rough terrains and seek adventure in challenging environments.

Luxury SUV Seekers

The Land Cruiser 300 2024 offers a blend of luxury and advanced technology, making it an excellent choice for buyers who desire a high-end SUV. The interior’s leather trim, wooden accents, and advanced infotainment system provide a sophisticated and comfortable driving experience.

Long-Distance Travelers

The combination of a powerful 6-cylinder engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission, and multiple driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Sport+) makes the Land Cruiser 300 2024 an excellent option for long-distance travellers who need a reliable and comfortable vehicle for extended journeys.

Professionals and Executives

For professionals and executives who require a vehicle that reflects their status and provides a premium driving experience, the Land Cruiser 300 2024 is a fitting choice. Its advanced features, luxurious interior, and robust performance make it a statement vehicle for business and leisure.

Safety-Conscious Drivers

Individuals who prioritize safety will appreciate the Land Cruiser 300 2024’s extensive safety features, including ABS, brake assist, vehicle stability control, terrain assist, and multiple airbags. These features make it one of the safest vehicles in its class.

In summary, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2024 is best suited for off-road enthusiasts, luxury SUV seekers, families, long-distance travellers, professionals, executives, and safety-conscious drivers. Its combination of luxury, performance, advanced safety features, and off-road capabilities make it a versatile and desirable vehicle for a wide range of buyers.

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