Vehicle Verification Punjab MTMIS

In Punjab, the Excise Department has developed the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS). This technology-rich and centralized system allows users to access comprehensive vehicle registration information.

Vehicle Verification Punjab, Pakistan

Here’s how to quickly verify a vehicle using MTMIS Punjab’s online system:

  1. Visit the MTMIS Punjab Website: You can find the official website through a search engine or by visiting the Excise & Taxation Department of Punjab’s website (they might have a link to MTMIS).
  2. Locate the Vehicle Verification Section: Look for a section dedicated to “Vehicle Verification” or “Online Vehicle Registration Information.”
  3. Enter the Vehicle Registration Number: Make sure you enter the vehicle number in the correct format as specified on the website.
  4. View Publicly Available Details: Once you submit the number, you should be able to see various details about the vehicle, including:
  • Owner’s Name (if publicly available)
  • Registration Number (confirmed)
  • Color
  • Engine Number
  • Year of Make

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