KIA Sportage 2024 Price in Pakistan, Features & Review

Kia Sportage has gained huge popularity and is one of those that remained competitive. It is a smaller version of the Sorento but more reliable in terms of safety features, comfort, design, and flexibility. Whereas the Sorento is a medium size SUV with a standard third row, while the KIA Sportage is a compact SUV with two rows of seats.

SUVs are among the most popular vehicles in Pakistan and there is no sign of slowing down. In August 2019, KIA Sportage was launched in Pakistan’s local market under the joint venture of KIA Motors and Lucky Motor Corporation.

As per the company’s claim, KIA Sportage is the first all-wheel drive car with a 100,000 km or 4 years warranty, whichever comes first. Initially, KIA Sportage came in two variants FWD (Front wheel drive) and AWD (All wheel drive).

The KIA Sportage Alpha variant was launched in June 2020 as a base version of the Sportage series. The following features were removed in the Alpha variant.

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)              
  • Parking Sensors
  • Brake Hold
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Roof Rack

 KIA Sportage’s three variants are available in Pakistan at the following prices.

KIA SportagePrice 2024DisplacementWarranty
KIA Sportage AlphaPKR 7,300,000 1999 cc4 Years / 100,000 km
KIA Sportage FWDPKR 8,040,000 1999 cc4 Years / 100,000 km
KIA Sportage AWDPKR 8,770,000 1999 cc4 Years / 100,000 km

KIA Sportage separates itself from other compact crossovers like Changan Oshan X7  with its large cargo space, added fuel economy, LED running lights up front, the big ‘tiger nose’ grille, a panoramic sunroof, and several smart features.

KIA Sportage is equipped with some of the hottest interior features available today. Here, we will discuss all key features of KIA Sportage in detail with its variants which you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

KIA Storage 2024 Pros & Cons


  • Luxurious interior average
  • Large cargo space                            I
  • Enhanced security features           
  • Higher resale value
  • Stylish design


  • Low fuel average
  • Increasing price faster than inflation
  • High maintenance cost

KIA Storage 2024 Interior Design

The interior of KIA Sportage 2024 is filled with impeccable convenience, entertainment, and advanced safety features. KIA Sportage is designed to entertain everyone with its eye-catching design, panoramic sunroof, sufficient cargo space, comfortable cabin, and 8″ LCD audio system. Let’s explore what the Kia Sportage 2024 has to offer.

Comfort and Convenience

KIA Sportage’s interior has plenty of room for passengers & cargo with several unique features. All of its seats are flexible and fully adjustable to make it easier for the driver to adjust in a position that allows him to see the road best.

While passengers can adjust the seats to the desired recline position for a pleasant ride. Moreover, all seats are fully leather-covered to offer maximum comfort while withstanding daily wear & tear.

The KIA Sportage AWD variant has leather-covered seats, while the FWD and Alpha variants have high-grade fabric and premium fabric, respectively.

Panoramic Sunroof

In addition to giving you a sense of freedom while you’re moving, the huge panoramic sunroof provides a beautiful view of the sky and surroundings to make a memorable driving experience inside the car.

KIA Sportage FWD and AWD both come with a panoramic sunroof while the Alphda variant does not have this feature.

Stylish Center Fascia with Advanced Features

The center fascia is perfectly aligned at a 7.1-degree angle towards the passenger for easy access to audio, air conditioning, and navigation system.

KIA Sportage’s Automatic Temperature Control system lets you easily set and maintain the inside cabin temperature.

KIA Sportage is big in size but can be parked easily & safely because of its rear-view camera and steering wheel-mounted angle sensors, which automatically display a wide-angle image of the area behind your car on the screen.

The distance displayed on the screen is different from the actual distance since the rear camera has a wide-angle lens to provide a wider view. Always look at the rear, left, and right sides to ensure your safety.

3.5″ Monochrome TFT-LCD and 8″ LCD Audio

All KIA Sportage variants are equipped with a monochrome TFT LCD display that shows all essential information including outside temperature, total mileage, distance traveled and average speed, etc.

Auto Defogger

All KIA Sportage variants come with Auto Defogging System (ADS) to reduce the probability of fogging up inside of the windscreen and clear it automatically. So you can drive safely in all types of weather.

Comfortable ride

Without comfort, the class would be incomplete. Even the longest rides are enjoyable in the KIA Sportage because of its power lumbar support that gives firm support behind your lower back and adjustable power seats keep you cushioned comfortably throughout the journey without feeling any discomfort.

KIA Storage 2024 Exterior design

The all-new 4th generation Sportage carries the unique KIA’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille and intricately designed fog lamps give this sporty crossover a fierce look. Following are the main exterior features of the KIA Sportage 2024.

Roof Rack

KIA Sportage FWD and AWD variants come with an integrated roof rack which gives extra carrying space to easily transport bulky items without compromising on passenger space. However, the KIA Sportage Alpha variant does not have this feature.

Fog Lamps

KIA Sportage has stylish fog lamps for greater visibility during rain, smoke, snow, sandstorms, or other low-visibility circumstances.

For safety purposes, fog lights should only be used when visibility on the road has dropped below 100m.

LED Rear Combination Lamps

KIA Sportage can easily be distinguished from others because of its beautiful and stylish LED Rear combination Lamps that emit a brilliant light when activated.

LED Headlamps with DRL (Daytime running lamp)

To increase the visibility of your car in bright, daytime conditions LED Lights keep running whenever the engine is on and make it easier for other road users to be aware of your presence on the road. DRLs switch on automatically when the engine starts, and switch off when you turn on your headlights/turn off the car.

Retractable Mirrors

To increase visibility, the outside mirrors on the KIA Sportage are heated, retractable, and electrically adjustable.

*Do not adjust or fold the outside rearview mirrors while driving as it could result in loss of control which could be dangerous.   

Smart Welcome System

KIA Sportage all variants recognize a smart key when it is nearby. It turns on the welcome light around the door handles and unfolds the outside mirrors to get ready for the next drive.

Sportage 2024 Engine

Kia Sportage 2024 all variants come with a 1999cc, 2.0-litre gasoline MPI engine that produces 154hp @ 6200 RPM and 196nm torque @ 4000 RPM. The compressions ratio is 10.3 and 81×97 bore & stroke (mm). KIA Sportage has a 6 Speed Automatic Transmission and SportMatic with three driving modes Eco, Normal, and Sport.

Safety Features

KIA Sportage is a highly reliable companion in terms of safety as it is equipped with the latest safety features e.g Downhill brake control (DBC), Parking assist system (PAS), airbags, anti-lock braking system, etc. Following are a few of the main safety features.

Driver and front passenger Airbag

In KIA Sportage, your safety is ensured as it has driver and passenger airbags to provide extra protection in the event of a collision.

Downhill Brake Control (DBC)

KIA Sportage 2024 comes with a downhill brake control system (DBS). It supports the driver in driving down a steep hill without having to depress the brake pedal. The speed reduces up to 8 km/h and it allows the driver to concentrate on steering the vehicle. KIA Sportage FWD and AWD come with this feature; however, the Alpha variant does not have this function.

*Always remember to turn off the DBC function on normal roads. Otherwise, it can be activated automatically while driving on bumpy roads.

Cruise Control

KIA Sportage is equipped with a cruise control system to make driving easy and convenient. So, you can take your foot off the accelerator and keep moving at a certain speed by activating the cruise control.

It makes driving more fun and also increases fuel efficiency. The cruise control system can be easily disconnected by simples pressing the brake or accelerator.

*Do not use this function during rush hours to avoid any trouble while driving. Moreover, cruise control is less effective during rain and it could be dangerous to use this system on wet roads.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

KIA’s VSM ensures that the vehicle remains stable when accelerating/braking suddenly on wet and rough roads and gives better driving control.

Hill-start Assist Control

Many drivers face problems while climbing on steep roads and use brakes & accelerators simultaneously to maintain control.

To solve this problem, KIA Sportage FWD and KIA Sportage AWD variants have Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) system, which is specially designed to prevent the car from rolling backwards even if you take your foot off the brake pedal the brake system will continue to work for around 3 seconds. However, KIA Sportage Alpha does not have this function.

KIA Sportage 2024 FAQs

KIA Sportage has a fuel mileage of 10 km/litre in the city and 12 km/litre on the highway.

KIA Sportage has a fuel capacity of 62 litres.

KIA Sportage has a seating capacity of five people, two in front and three in back seats.

KIA Sportage is available in six beautiful colors- Blue, Black, White, Grey, Maroon, Sparking Silver, and White.

The first two services of your KIA vehicles are free of cost.

Spare parts of KIA vehicles are available through official dealerships across the country. Currently, KIA has authorised dealers in 20 major cities in Pakistan and continuously expanding its network.

All KIA vehicles come with a four years or 100,000 km warranty, whichever comes first.

Since the launch of new companies like Havel, MG, Changan, and DFSK, KIA Sportage has many new and old competitors in Pakistan.

MG HS is regarded as one of the main competitors of KIA Sportage with its more advanced safety features, fancy outlook, more powerful engine, and luxurious interior.

MG HS outperforms KIA Sportage with 6 airbags; a 360° view Camera, 175 mm ground clearance, and a 5 years warranty period.

Further, it has a 4-cylinder inline petrol engine with a displacement of 1490 cc. However, the price of MG HS is PKR 8,199,000 which makes it more expensive than KIA Sportage.

Hyundai Tucson is another main rival of the KIA Sportage with better fuel mileage. There are not many noticeable distinguishing features however Hyundai has a bigger market share due to its higher resale value and blistering performance. Nevertheless, KIA Sportage is slightly cheaper in terms of price with three different variants.

Proton X70 manufactured by the Malaysian automobile company Proton is another main competitor of KIA Sportage. Its futuristic technology and advanced safety features make it perfect for a comfortable long drive.

Its price range from PKR 67.4 - 71.9 lakh which is lower than the Korean SUV however, KIA Sportage’s engine is more powerful than Proton X70.


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