Toyota’s Debut Electric Car Hits Pakistan Roads Next Month

Rev up your excitement because something big is about to hit the roads of Pakistan! Brace yourselves as Toyota gears up to unveil its very first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) next month. The news has been buzzing for months, and guess what? Ali Jamali, the head honcho at Indus Motor Company (IMC), spilt the beans on their exciting journey into making these green machines right here in Pakistan. It’s not just a car; it’s a revolution on wheels! ????⚡

Jamali’s recent update is causing waves, and at the heart of it is a jaw-dropping revelation – a whopping $100 million is being pumped into local HEV production! Brace yourselves for a game-changing shift in the automotive landscape, as this investment not only slashes import expenses but is poised to save a cool $37 million annually. That’s right, we’re talking about a production scale-up to a mind-boggling 30,000 HEV units.

Now, hold onto your seats because the star of this automotive extravaganza is none other than the Corolla Cross HEV – a hybrid crossover that’s about to revolutionize Pakistani roads.

Picture this: as inflation tightens its grip on the nation, the Corolla Cross swoops in with exceptional fuel efficiency, emerging as a beacon of hope for budget-conscious drivers.

For all you Toyota enthusiasts out there, mark your calendars! The imminent arrival of the Corolla Cross HEV promises an eco-friendly driving experience like never before. So, buckle up and get ready to cruise into a greener, more sustainable automotive future!

Toyota Corolla Cross

Initially unveiled as a Completely Built Unit (CBU), this powerhouse has already turned heads with its 1798cc hybrid engine, delivering a thunderous performance at 168 horsepower and 305 Newton-meters of torque, both peaking at 3600 RPM.

Toyota's Debut Electric Car Hits Pakistan Roads Next Month

But hold onto your steering wheels, folks! The buzz surrounding the CBU version is about to get even hotter as we eagerly await the locally assembled variant. This is not just an upgrade; it’s a statement. Toyota’s strategic vision is shifting gears as it aims to cement its position in the burgeoning hybrid vehicle market.

As the countdown to the launch date ticks away, the anticipation among consumers and automotive enthusiasts is reaching a fever pitch. The Corolla Cross’s grand entrance in 2023 is more than just an event; it’s a testament to Toyota’s unwavering dedication to introducing cutting-edge, environmentally conscious vehicles to the dynamic Pakistani market.

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