Pakistan Car Import Tax Calculator

A custom duty calculator serves as a valuable tool for estimating the overall cost of importing a car. It considers key factors such as the current exchange rate, the car’s manufacturing year, engine size (cc), and the date on which customs duty is paid. By inputting these details by import policies, users can receive a rough estimate of the customs duty.

It’s important to keep in mind that fluctuations in the dollar rate can impact the duty amount, leading to variations in the final calculated value. Consequently, the results provided by a custom duty calculator should be viewed as approximate values rather than precise figures. This allows for flexibility to accommodate potential discrepancies arising from changes in currency rates over time.

Pak Import Tax Calculator

Pak Import Tax Calculator

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What Are Car Import Custom Duties And Taxes in Pakistan

  • Customs Duty: This amounts to 10% of the CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) value of the vehicle.
  • Sales Tax: Calculated at 15% of the CIF value of the vehicle.
  • Additional Customs Duty: For vehicles with an engine displacement of 1001cc or more, an extra 5% of the CIF value is applied.
  • Excise Duty: This duty stands at 10% of the CIF value of the vehicle.
  • Registration Fee: For cars, there is a fixed fee of Rs. 10,000, and for motorcycles, it is Rs. 5,000.

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